Best Blogging Practices for Brands

Are you looking to have a successful blog this year? If you do, you need to consider the best blog practices. This post is going to highlight the five best blog practices for businesses.

1.    Blog Length

The length of your blog matters, especially because most readers have a short concentration span. The contemporary reader wants to take a peek at your blog post and know what it is about before moving to the next piece of content. 

However, you should not compromise on being informative since the reader is looking for value from your blog. Depending on your content, the best length of a post is between 600 and 1,200 words. But be sure to experiment with various lengths so that you can know the length that your audience likes.

2.    Social Media

Social media is a potent tool. A social media profile can connect you to thousands of potential consumers of your content. All you need is to create a profile for your brand on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites.

Then be sure to post a preview of every blog post on your page and urge people to read your content. If people like your offering, they will share with their social media connections and your reach will grow.

3.    Use External and Internal Links

Most of the best bloggers in the world use external links and internal links on their blog posts. But why? Google favors sites that link their blog posts to other websites, which helps you to rank higher on search engines.

Moreover, when you link to an external site that is an authority in your industry, you will seem credible, and more users will want to consume your content. What’s more, linking internally to previous blog posts will ensure that you help users find content that they might need while also increasing the amount of time spent on your blog.

4.    Make Your Blog URL Short

Having a clear and descriptive URL is one of the blogging best practices in 2019. You should ensure that your blog URL has your main keyword that will assist Google to know what your website is about.

The URL’s structure and the keyword should also assist the audience in knowing about your blog. As a result, you will rank high on search engine results.

5.    Blogging Frequency

Not being consistent with your blogging is worse than not starting a blog. When the audience likes your content and then realize that you lack the consistency they want, they will go to another blog to satisfy their needs.

While it might be a challenge to blog daily or weekly, you only need to ensure that you post consistently. Even when you opt to blog monthly, ensuring your audience knows about it so that they know what to expect is part of the best blog practices for businesses.


It can be a challenge to monetize your blog if you don’t follow what the best bloggers in the world do. They are successful because there are practices for which they abide. Hence, don’t be stuck with a blog that does not make you money. Employ these five blogging best practices 2019, and you will see some success.

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