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About us

SEO Specialists You Can Trust

We are easy on ourselves but hard on your work. We delve into research for hours to ensure that your content is not only premium quality, but it is also able to rank high on Google and other search engines. With over two years of experience as writers in various fields, we are up to date and skilled when it comes to SEO and other tools that will increase the visibility of your content. We have two kings; our clients and the content we provide for them.

Our team

Elton Mwangi

Founder & writer

I am a stand-up guy and only two words best describe me; discipline and dedication. This is what I bring my clients in addition to my timeliness and honesty. I am a Certified Public Accountant, and after three years of work, I decided to share God’s gift with the world. So, today I will share my writing with you.

Fiona Nyambura

founder & writer

I have been a writer for two years but in truth I have always been an avid writer since I was a young girl. I believe writing is an innate form of expression that not only provides therapeutic advantages to an individual but one that can be harnessed to provide leverage in the outside world. This appreciation for the power that each word can have towards drawing in massive audiences is the skill that I offer to clients.