Importance of SEO to Brands

Many businesses disregard the significance of SEO by paying too little attention to it. But with digitization and globalization, this is just what you need to ensure clients are flooding to your e-commerce site and brick and motor store as well. But before I can show you how to leverage SEO, don’t you think it is ideal to know why SEO is important for your business?

1.    Boost Your Site Traffic

The dream of every business is to have a myriad of users visiting their site. But your site will not have huge traffic if it is on the second or third page of Google search results; you need to be on the first page and top of the search results. But this can only be achieved if your title and metatags are optimized for clarity of the topic. You also need to use keywords that will work to get the right audience to your site.

2.    Brand Development

Research shows that 89 percent of consumers turn to Google before making a buying decision. What’s more, consumers will always use Google to find solutions for their problems. For instance, I had to read through a number of websites that have authority in the SEO field before writing this article. Therefore, if you are looking to have consumers coming to your shop, you need to ensure your site offers relevant content that will help solve their problems. That way, your brand will always be in their minds when they want a product, service, or content that you offer.

3.    Expand Internationally

One of the top benefits of SEO is that it allows your business to be visible to everyone regardless of their location. Whether someone is in Kenya, Rwanda, or Chile, they will see you on their search results if your site is optimized. Don’t you want to expand your reach? If you are looking for growth, then SEO is a pretty good start.

4.    Learn Your Clients

The best asset that a business has is data. Google Analytics is a tool powered by Google to offer you the results of your content. It enables you to learn about your popular keywords, conversion rates, traffic statistics, keyword rankings, and more. Hence, you can know what your customers want and how you can better help them.

5.    High ROI

If you provide quality content with optimized metatags and titles, your site will rank high in search engine results. The benefit of this is that you will always remain high in the search results compared to PPC, which only displays you on the search results when you have paid. In the absence of a marketing budget, forget being visible. Hence the capital for SEO is low, and the returns are high.


Now you know why SEO is essential. The only thing you need is to strap up and produce optimized and quality content that will get you the clients you want. But you need to be patient too. Good results can be achieved in at least six months or more. If you lack time to do this by yourself, or you need to leverage the skills of an expert, you can get in touch with an SEO expert such as myself. Check the contact page for my info.

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